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Our company’s objectives encompass delivering counselling services, including CBT and various therapies, conducted by trained professionals who hold accredited memberships with recognised bodies such as BACP and AACPH.

We specialise in addressing stress, anxiety, panic & anxiety attacks, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Our commitment extends to aiding individuals experiencing mental health symptoms due to everyday challenges and traumas.

We provide comprehensive support to diverse genders, age groups, local communities, and minority groups. Our services are carried out through therapy sessions, weekly activities, community involvement, and health-related events.

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We are here to help you,

We offer up-to 20 complimentary therapy sessions to individuals from low-income households receiving specific benefits, which include Universal Credit, Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support, or Jobseeker’s Allowance.

Prior to attending therapy sessions, beneficiaries will undergo an assessment by one of our therapists. Beneficiaries may also be referred by their GP and other health related organisations.

All other services such as activities, seminars, events, information, and will be accessible to everyone without the requirement for assessments.


100% of all our funds from paid services, donations, grants and funding will be spent on charitable causes.

Our central focus revolves around conducting research and enhancing the provision of mental health services and therapy to the community.

Our aim is to reduce, manage, and help overcome  mental health symptoms.

We are dedicated to fostering the growth and advancement of professionals, equipping them with expanded knowledge and experience to better serve and contribute to the broader welfare of the community.


We are always open to collaborate, work on individual and group projects.

We are on a mission to create a community of change-makers who are committed to making mental health a top priority. 

Your partnership and support will enable us to develop innovative programs, resources, activities and therapy that can truly transform lives. 

Together we will overcome barriers, raise awareness, and provide much-needed assistance and support to those in need. 

For any further details or collaborations please contact us. 

BACP, Organisation Member : 275821

Registered Charity : 

Phone : 07555 429563 

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