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Schizophrenia is know as a psychotic disorder, doctors state that people with Schizophrenia cant tell between their own thoughts, ideas and perception from imaginary to reality.

When you become unwell, you are likely to show significant changes in your behaviour. You may become upset, anxious, confused and suspicious of other people, particularly anyone who doesn’t agree with your perceptions. You may be unaware or reluctant to believe you need help.


1. Strange thinking (thoughts, ideas may seem jumbled)

2. Making little sense to others

3. Hallucinations (see, smell and hear what other dont)

4. Delusion (experiences that are not in line with reality)

5. Lack of interest 

6. Emotional flatness (low emotional response)

7. Avoiding people 

8. Being withdrawn 

There is no complete answer to what causes Schizophrenia, Most researchers suggest that stressful environments, social factors or physical illness may trigger the condition.

Stressful life events – You may find that you can link your disorder to a period of great stress, such as child birth, relationship breakdown, losing a loved one or money problems.

Drug abuse – Studies show that some people develop Schizophrenia as a result of using cannabis, cocaine and other related drugs making the symptoms worse. 

Other causes – Injury to the brain may be linked to Schizophrenia.

Medication – Ask support from your GP, Many people find that medication helps to manage the symptoms.

Talking treatments – Including counselling and psychotherapy, Talking treatments can help you understand why you feel as you do and change the way you feel and think. It will also help to reduce the risk of further episodes.

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