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We would like to invite you to join and become part of our team, so we can start referring our clients towards you.
You can resume and maintain your current platform in your current location and receive referrals from us to increase your business.

This provides many benefits, which include:

For each client we refer you have the choice to charge between £40-£80 depending on the session, for more information please view our fees section on our website.

For each referral we charge a small service charge of £5, this covers the cost of the booking system, emails, and referral program.

We hope you will consider becoming a part of our team at Balance of the Mind. If you would like any further information or how to join please select the link below, or email us and request an application form.

For any further information please email us.

Simply download the registration form and email us with the requested documents to

Balance of the Mind provides counselling services and connects clients with therapists. The therapists can resume with their current counselling platform in their current location, and receive referrals from us to increase their business by joining Balance of the Mind.

If you want to become part of our team and receive referrals, simply fill out the application and submit the required documents.

Once you have been selected we will then upload your details into our system and set up the booking system and online calendar.

You are able to choose which services you would like to provide on your calendar, the choice between Induction, Individual, Couples, 16-25s Therapy.

Once you are live on our system clients will then be able to book a session with you. Once the Client has booked a session with you, you will receive an email confirmation. This email will consist of the clients details, name and contact number, date of session and the session requested.

The client will receive an email of confirmation of the appointment with the date and time. The location of your clinic will also be included.

The client and therapist will both receive a reminder email or text the day before the appointment or in the case if the appointment is canceled or reschedule, a email will be sent. If a therapist needs to go on a holiday, they can make edits on their calendar for days and times they are / or not available.

The therapist will have full access to their own personal calendar, to edit view and change sessions. They will also be able to edit change the working days and patterns. This will also help keep track of your appointments and online payment system and to check your payments as well.

If a client wants to rebook an appointment they will have to go on the Balance of the Mind Website / App to book and pay online.

There are many benefits in becoming part of our team at Balance of the Mind:

1. Balance of the Mind advertises on different social networking platforms, Including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google SEO ranking. 

2. You can increase your customer base and get more clients from our referral program.

3. Online booking and payment system makes the process easier so you can work with ease.

4. You will receive free advertisement for your professional services to attract new clients and increase your business on google ranking.

5. Balance of mind has good connections with NHS, Local GP’S, College’s and Charities.

6. We will keep you informed about the updates, guidelines, and any new policies.

At the end of each month, the therapist will have to fill in a timetable sheet indicating how many sessions have been done. This will be recorded on the online calendar provided by Balance of the Mind.

Each session is priced on the services page, you will be paid that full amount. As listed: Induction. Session £35, Individual £40, Couples £70, 16-25’s £35 per hour per session. You can choose which services you would like to do.

We offer phone therapy and during the lockdown will only provide phone therapy at £35 per session. 

Once the timetable sheet has been completed and emailed to us, we will make payments via bank transfer on the 6th of each month or the closet working day to the 6th.

This is a self-employed role so you are responsible for your own taxes.

Each session will be for 50 minutes with 10 minute write-up and we will pay the amount indicated on the services page per hour.

We do ask for a service charge per session booked through us, which is to cover the costs of our online booking and payments system.Please see above for fees.

This fee will be taken at the end of the month from your payment timetable sheet. Therefore you will be given your full payment for the referrals minus our service charge.

There are no upfront fees or charges only as and when you receive a referral. We charge a service charge of £5. We do not require a notice period so you can cancel anytime you want, simply email us to let us know.

To register at Balance of the Mind, you will need to provide some details which are:

1. Basic Personal Information

2. Certificates and Qualifications

3. Proof of Address / Bill / Bank Statements ( 2 documents within the last 3 months )

4. Proof of ID / Passport / Driving License ( 2 documents valid )

5. Bank Details – Name, Account Number , Sort Code, ( to be paid into )

Simply download the registration form and email us with the requested document to

Simply download the registration form and email us with the requested documents to


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