Stress Relief

Follow the challenge below for a stress free week

Meditate  – At least twice a week  (preferably 10 mins daily)

Yoga or Martial Arts – At least twice a week (yoga 10 mins daily)

Praying or reading– Praying and reading books ( Mental stimulation and stress reduction )

Purity – Wash and keep your body and clothes clean, wearing light colours

Eating – Avoid fried and chill foods, sugars and fizzy drinks

Space – Be in open spaces especially in nature, near trees, water and open green land

Focus on surroundings – What you feel and focus on positive surroundings

Senses – Be aware of your senses and listen to them

Time – Make time for yourself (at least an hour a day)

Enjoy – Do something you like ( paint, dance, museums and try something new )

The 7 Rules

Try this for 7 days  (you will see a positive difference in your lifestyle and well being)

Reduce phone and social media activity to almost zero (use only in emergency)

Do not think of your work or projects or anything else you need to do

Do not think of anything or anyone in a negative view

Think positive thoughts and it will remove negative thoughts

Avoid smoking, alcohol, drugs and sexual interactions

Avoid watching news, and any other negative sources from TV, books or movies

The Benefits

Becoming positive in yourself and others around you

Balance your mind, body and soul

Happier and easier lifestyle

Helps treats depression, stress and anxiety and control panic attacks

Help treat and control most mental health issues

Gives great focus and perspective in life

Explore your inner strength

Increases confidence and general well being

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